Why is Birth Registration so important? Check out the details here!

Birth certificates make health care accessible

Unregistered children are prone to premature death. Millions of children every year die without treatment before they see five springs. Those children are unable to access proper health care services. Sometimes they even pay more to get the medical service than the registered children.

If a child needs to stay healthy, birth registration is extremely important to avail the vaccinations and medical treatment.

If academic degrees are must, then birth certificates are a must

A child’s education would be at stake without birth registration. The children cannot get admission anywhere if the parents are unable to provide birth certificates. They will be deprived of the basic education only because of the non-existence of the birth certificates.

Birth Certificate is a ‘passport to protection’

Crimes and abuse take a more cruel turn in unregistered children. The official recording of the child’s birth establishes that the child is under law. Birth registration by the government provides a foundation for protecting the children’s political, civil, social and cultural rights.

According to the Article-7, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child has the right to have birth registration without any discrimination.

Government officials will be unable to detect the child’s existence and identification without birth certification. Eventually, the law cannot be applicable for protecting those children from abuse and crimes. But a simple birth registration protects the children by providing them their legal rights.

In spite of the importance of acquiring official proof of birth registration, around 290 million children in the world under age five do not possess a birth certificate. 

Knowing the details of the children’s age is essential to protect them from child labor, forcible conscription in armed forces, trafficking, child marriage, and sexual exploitation. Proof of birth can help in finding out the traceability of separated children and foster their safe migration.

It is vital to pass property

Inheritance turns into a more complicated process when the heir does not have birth registration. If the parents of the unregistered child’s pass away, the child will have to go through time to legally prove about the inheritance of the family property. But with the birth certificate, the children can legally proof the blood relations and claim what actually belongs to them.

Reunion with families

Partition of the countries, natural calamities, and any other disaster can separate a child from their families. In the case of the newborns and toddlers, the reunion seems to be next to impossible. Neither they can interact with others properly, nor can they identify their own family members. Official birth registration can help the government officials to find out the family members of the child and unite them.

Hope you understand how essential it is to register one’s birth details officially.

Now, let’ focus on the solutions of some confusions that people have about birth certificates-

Are you eligible to request a copy of someone else’s birth certificate? Let’s find out-

Some states provide ‘informational’ birth certificates which contain less information. It is not as strong as a ‘certified birth certificate.’ Still, it works as a supplement document in many organizations in some states. Besides that, informational certificates are available to many parties. Obtaining them is restricted to the following people-

  • The person named on the birth certificate.
  • That person’s father, mother or legal guardian.
  • The wife or husband of that person named on the certificate.
  • The daughter or son of that person stated on a birth certificate.
  • The brother or sister of the person registered on the certificate.
  • The legal representative of an authorized person.

Need birth details of an individual more than 100years old? It’s difficult, but you can do it!

It will be surprising to know that despite the listless importance of birth registration, it was not a common practice before the 19th century. As keeping records were not mandated till the end of the 19th century, it would be difficult to find out the birth details of a person of 100 years old or more. In case of emergency, you have to go through that person’s state’s official website to gain information about how to dig older birth records.

Getting a Birth Certificate for the newborns in the hospital

The hospital authority gives the birth certificates to the parents of the newborn babies at the time of discharge. This is a mandatory process for almost all hospitals. But be sure you have already picked up a name for your new family member before filling out the proper form.

So, after your baby sees the light of the world in the hospitals, you will get a birth certificate from their end for sure. If they are not arranging one, you must have a word with the hospital staff before finishing all the official formalities for discharging the mother and the baby.

In case you have left the hospital without getting one, you can later receive it through email or download it from online. How?

Simply land on the department of health website for the state where your child was born. Like if your child was born in Melbourne, we have to visit Melbourne’s Department of Health website. Many websites have a specific “birth section.” It contains the details and the procedures of obtaining your little one’s birth certificate.

Thinking to adopt a child? Know the validity of the birth certificates in a legal adoption

When a couple adopts a child offering their guardianship as well as legal rights to their child, the original birth certificates turn out to be invalid. The adopted child can access their original birth certificates after the age of 18.

You need to obtain the birth certificate forms first from the court. The judge conducts this process for you. This new birth certificate forms are registered and filed at the same time as the certificate of adoption. The adoptive guardians are honored by it immediately.

In most cases, the court issues an amended birth certificate that declares the names of the adoptive parents rather than the names of the biological parents. After adaptation, the amended birth certificate serves as the only legitimate one. The original one has become illegitimate then.

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