5 Reasons Why Translation in English Has Become Mandatory in 2019?

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages. Around 330 million native speakers communicate with English and consider it as their first language. But if we count the people use it as a second language, then English is definitely the most popular language.

The popularity of English is not only the reason for its demand in Government institutions. English is a globally recognized subject and the migration authorities around the Globe only validate the certificates written in English.

Your long-cherished vacation in foreign locales may be spoiled due to your certificates written in your native language. Your dream of flourishing your career in other countries will never come true without passing in the documentation process. No one wants it. The easiest way to escape from this circumstance is to take professional translation Services from a reliable platform.

Everyone does not speak English 

Though English is clearly understandable by many people and very common spoken language, there are millions of people even within England are minority language speakers. Just because someone speaks in English, that doesn’t mean he uses this language in all his official papers.

We always prefer to authorize our official documents in our mother language or our national language however fluently we speak in English. The non-English people need to translate their important documents into English with the help of a NAATI translator including birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s license, medical document for migrating to an English speaking country.

People prefer their native language

Human beings have a natural tendency to communicate and respond better in the language which they have been speaking from birth. It must be noted that people from many countries also use English as their second language and their mother tongue is their first language.

Besides English, there are many languages including Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Mongolian, French, Bengali, Punjabi, Latin, Hungarian etc.

Immigration Department Validates English

Many foreign countries are very strict about the rules of migration and never allow any intruders without English translated certificates. If you want to travel across the world, then the first thing you need to execute your dream is getting a VISA.

The information written in the official documents depends upon the rules and regulations of the country you belong to. While applying for a VISA or Immigration certificate to fly to a foreign country, you must produce the necessary official papers and identity proof certificates. You will be the victim in the official commotion because of your non-English documents.

Different rules are followed by different countries. As an example, for sanctioning driver’s license, some countries issue cards whereas; many countries also issue proper books as proof. These hurdles make the whole venture more problematic and arduous.

You also need to translate your original driver’s license issued in your native language even if you are thinking of issuing a temporary driver’s license. A temporary driver’s license can be utilized in case of your travel and drive in abroad.

Immigration certificate is important to settle in foreign countries

From immigration to get a divorce from any court, applicants must submit English written NAATI accredited certificates along with the other required papers.

Besides that, any official documents covering educational certificates, immigration papers and marriage certificates are required to attach in the legal documents in order to settle in a country. All these documents are supposed to be attached along with the legal papers for the series of documentation process to get immigration certificate. So, even a minor error in these documents can create risky hurdles to reach your dreamy destination.

Communication Barrier

According to George Steiner, a French-born literary critic and educator of America,

“Without Translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”

Language has helped to bind people in a string and to share cultural ideas across the globe. Most of the Multinational Companies have leveraged the English language primarily to communicate with their clients and to promote their products and services to the multicultural clients.

One cannot disagree that English is the most used language for any business communication. Similarly, other languages also participate in specific geographical regions. This often creates a barrier against effective global communication.

Translation has surpassed this linguistic boundary and connects multi-lingual people hailing from different countries. A few decades ago, translation had been only used for converting literary works of several languages. In the last century, the industrial revolution prompted companies to convert technical documents and official certificates into English using effective translation services.

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